A Quality Roof Protects Your Home

A Quality Roof Protects Your Home

Let a qualified company in Visalia and Hanford, CA handle your roof installation

A secure roof protects your home and those in it. Get your new construction off to a great start by investing in residential roofing services. T.C.K. Roofing and Construction Inc provides quality roof installation in Visalia, CA. Whether you prefer asphalt, metal, slate or clay, you can count on us to make your roof look fantastic.

Is your current roof damaged beyond repair? As part of our roofing service, we'll inspect your roof and determine the best replacement option for you. Call now to speak with a member of our team.

How to prepare for a roofing service

Roof installation is a hefty project that requires planning. To keep your sanity during this process, implement these three tips before the big day:

  • Alert your neighbors of the upcoming service
  • Cover your furniture and remove fixtures
  • Plan to spend time outside of the home

Putting these tips into practice will make your roofing service seamless.

Do you live in Visalia, Hanford, CA or the surrounding area and need a residential or commercial roofing service? Call 559-754-4286 today.